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Capabilities & Services

Toll processors and other metal processors have always been vital to our business. We have successfully installed over 25 slitting lines, 35 cut-to-length lines, level lines, pickling lines and packaging lines.


Projects involving machinery installation, modernization or realignment are our specialty.


Our full resume includes a diverse range of projects and turnkey equipment installations, and we routinely demonstrate that our range of knowledge and capability extends far beyond our core business. 


A brief list of some of these projects includes the installation of a large walking beam reheat furnace, metal panel coating facility, abrasives manufacturing facility and other projects of varying sizes.


Our in-house precision alignment services, coupled with our field operational capabilities, provide customers with quality reporting and the option of employing Coil Line Installations to properly correct any alignment issues. Most survey companies do not perform field work, and contractors often lack knowledge of the specialized process required to ensure proper machine installation and alignment. We are experts in both precise survey and alignment work.


Frequently we manufacture custom assemblies and anchor bolt templates in-house for installation at job sites. In addition to our large and modern facility, we have an excellent network of machine shops and vendors, which reduces delays during the installation phase of a project.


We typically manufacture trench boxes, cover plates, handrails, access platforms and custom frameworks in the field. Much of this type of work is best suited for accomplishing under actual field conditions due to interferences, accessibility issues and timeliness.


Design documentation of our projects is provided to complement the information supplied by the customer. We produce AutoCAD drawings for subgrade work such as foundations, under-slab electrical services routing, anchor bolt details, trench details, specialized equipment, platforms, safety barriers, hydraulics, pneumatics, etc. 


We also provide some level of technical design support on most projects to supplement information provided by the equipment vendor. Our employees utilize AutoCAD and generally have a computer with project files on-site to efficiently resolve technical questions as they arise.


While customer schedules can be challenging, we meet the schedules we accept and provide the owner with status reports during all phases of the project. Many projects are performed on an escalated work hour schedule, and our employees are accustomed to travelling and working long hours.  

Hamar Geometric Alignment Laser Systems are utilized for precision alignment applications.
Our Capabilities
We typically perform all or some combination of the following on each project:
  • Floor slab removal and excavation


  • Under-slab electrical conduits


  • Pit, foundations and anchor bolt installation


  • Floor slabs including utility trenches


  • Equipment rigging and setting


  • Final precision equipment alignment and grouting


  • Electrical power and control installation


  • Hydraulic, pneumatic, cooling water, lube systems, etc.


  • Platforms, handrails and safety barriers


  • Manpower support during startup and commissioning


"I have worked with Coil Line Installations on various coil processing retrofit projects.  Their experience and know-how with coil processing equipment allowed the projects to be completed in a smooth and professional manner."   


Jim McKenna

JM Coil Consulting, LLC

"Professional manner"
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